RePangeia is a VR multiplayer experience exposed at Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sponsored by Intel and was exhibithed May to Jul 2019.

In the experience the players are in an ethereal environment that appears to be damaged, they are then guided by a virtual shaman through a dance ritual to restore the health of the environment they’re in and unite the distant lands into one, referring the ancient super continent Pangaea.

The players main source of input are their physical hands, represented as magical energy hands in the game, and they can use it to interact with other players and with the environment.

RePangeia is also the first accessible VR experience exposed at Museum of Tomorrow, and it counts with an audio descriptive mode for people with vision limitations and a sign language mode for people with hearing limitations.

My first #NFT is part of Series of Virtual Sculptures named Strange Objects in Infinite Spaces This artwork is available to be collected at

Corpos Estranhos em Espaços Infinitos_19
É uma série de esculturas virtuais gigantes que tem a base de inspiração a anatomia de corpos naturais. O autor criou-as através de Realidade Virtual, usando o seu próprio movimento, esculpindo-as e experienciando-as com a escala de mundo real. O interesse em questão é o nosso relacionamento afetivo eminente com obras virtuais que são consumidas através de novas mídias como Realidade Aumentada e Mista, assim como a intervenção provocada nos espaços públicos.

strange objects in infinite spaces [01] '19

DESCRIPTIONSOIS#1 is the first from a series of 30 virtual sculptures that are inspired by the anatomy of natural bodies. The author created them through Virtual Reality, using his own movement, sculpting and experimenting with the scale of the real world. The interest in question is our eminent emotional relationship with virtual works that are consumed through new media such as Augmented and Mixed Reality, as well as the intervention provoked in public spaces.

Artista: Clelio de Paula (@artista.virtual)

XINGU Ensemble - VR Experience by Clelio de Paula from wesense on Vimeo.

Xingu Ensemble is an Immersive Experience Premiered at Multiplicidade Imagem_Som_Inusitados.

A project in partnership with People's Palace Projects Queen Mary University of London, and Aikax

This is the result from a artistic residency at High Xingu.
We scanned volumetrically indigenous from Kuikuro village, and developed an art installation as a way to represent a mystical allegory of the Kuikuro culture through an immersive sensorial narrative in virtual reality.

This project was also presented at Tate Modern Exchange Week, Producing, Maps, Memories.

A doorway opening in empty space (Link)

Interval from nico espinoza on Vimeo.

Interval is an interactive installation which mediates the proximity relations between people through sound and light.

Museum of Living Exchanges was a interactive installation that create harmony and rythm by the positioning of people in the theather. This artwork was part of Creative Lab Project in 2015. 

The premiere were presented at Oi Futuro Flamengo, at Rio de Janeiro Brazil(Link)